Gerald Thornberry gthornberry at sdimaps.com
Thu Jul 5 10:33:54 EDT 2001

Try http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu for Mapserver.  It's a very strong, very 
free, open source internet map server application.  You can run it on 
most unix platforms, including Linux/Apache systems (it even works on 
win9x,NT,2000).  Your datasets can be shapefiles, SQL databases, and SDE 
at this point I'm pretty sure.  Mapserver enjoys solid devotion from an 
international community of users and developers, though it is primarily 
maintained and improved by Stephen Lime at the Univ. of Minnesota.  You 
can extend its capabilities via Perl, Python, Java and PHP, among other 
languages.  There are many examples out there from which you can build 
your own site, and there are tutorials.  I think you'll find that it's 
capable of most, if not all, of the needs addressed in this thread.  

Gerald Thornberry
Spatial Data Integrations, Inc.

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