[GRASSLIST:2075] Re: r.in.gdal

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jul 5 10:43:36 EDT 2001

ziyadin wrote:
> Dear all,
> -o option in "r.in.gdal" utility does not seem to work.
> when i give the command
> r.in.gdal input=tmp.tmp.gif output=post -o
> grass says
> WARNING: G_set_window(): Illegal latitude for North
> if I give -e option to extend location extents, it says
>        cellhd.proj = 0 (unreferenced)
>        You can use the -o flag to r.in.gdal to override this check.
> It gives the same error mesages for all the format that gdal supports.


I am guessing that your location is in the lat/long coordinate system, and
you are trying to import raw (ungeorefenced) files into it.  I guess the
image is taller than 90 pixel so the north edge (in pixels) is higher than
90, and so the system warns that the apparent georeferencing is inappropriate.

I believe you will need to create a separate location for unreferenced data,
and import your gif file into that.  Then you can use various GRASS tools
to properly georefence your image and take it into the desired location. 

If you know the georeferencing of your image, you might be able to associate
a world file with the .gif file, but I don't think that GDAL supports world
files for gif images.  To pursue this angle you might need to convert the
gif to tiff outside GRASS first. 

I appologise for the error messages.  They could be better. :-)

Best regards,

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