[GRASSLIST:2092] Help I can't get any thing to display.

Will Stafford stafford at derm.gov.sk.ca
Mon Jul 9 16:59:44 EDT 2001

Recompiled grass5.0 csv for sun solaris 7
loaded a raster with r.in.tiff
 got four maps out; test_rgb. test_rgb.r  test_rgb.g   test_rgb.b
 started monitor, X0 selected X0
 g.region test_rgb
 d.rast test_rgb

switched colour tables, float and fixed
tried d.erase with different colours but no effect.

It like no data is being written to screen.
You can see percent done 6%, 13% ...
but the monitor does'nt change at all.

Any ieas would be appreciated

Will Stafford, MScF, BScAgr
GIS Analyst, Information Management Branch, SERM
5th Floor Mac Mall
Box 3003
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
S6V 6G1
(306) 953 2219

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