[GRASSLIST:2098] Taking compiled programs from one beta version and using in another

Will Stafford stafford at derm.gov.sk.ca
Wed Jul 11 12:28:41 EDT 2001

Hi Grassers.

Need Help.
Q1    Can you take compiled code (say r.in.tang) from say beta version
12 and copy the compiled code i.e r.in.tang from
/usr/local/grassbeta12/bin/r.in.tang to another version and get it to

Ive tried but no success.
I know I'm missing something but what is.

I really need parts from one to put into another, becouse my monitor
doesn't work in grass5.0 pre but it works fine in beta 7 on sun solaris

Will Stafford, MScF, BScAgr
GIS Analyst, Information Management Branch, SERM
5th Floor Mac Mall
Box 3003
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
S6V 6G1
(306) 953 2219

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