[GRASSLIST:2101] Vector import

Hans Koren Hans.Koren at nr.no
Fri Jul 13 09:47:02 EDT 2001

I have just started to try to use Grass, and have som problems with
import of vector images. I have succeeded in importing a vector image by
using m.in.e00, and have even managed to transform the vector map to
raster by v.to.rast.

But when I try to import the same vector data as a shape file (with
default options) I get the following messages:

Extracting all records.
Creating vector network...

Processing shape   1 of 159
Processing shape   159 of 159
Number of shapes registered is 0
Number of parts registered is 167
Number of valid records is 391848 of 0
Extracting and storing area edges...

   Tracking line       1.
   Tracking line       2.
   Tracking line       3.
   Tracking line       4.

If I run the command from the command line I even get a message
of Segmentation fault.

In directories dig and dig_att I get a file with the correct name and
size 0.

Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?

Thank you.

Hans Koren

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