[GRASSLIST:2192] Another problem with r.proj

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Jul 27 21:36:36 EDT 2001

  After a lot of reading and experimenting, I _thought_ that I had a handle
on how to get r.proj to work. Wrong! Here's the scenario:

  I start grass5 from the destination location/mapset: temp-UTM/PERMANENT/.
This mapset has the location's default window, window, projection
informatino and projection units. All UTM, Zone 11, meters.

  I then ask to reproject a map from location/mapset: nevada/spc/. But, I
get an error:

GRASS:/mnt/usr4/projects/temp-UTM/PERMANENT > r.proj input=plss-r location=nevada
cannot initialize pj
cause: projection not named
ERROR: Can't get projection key values of output map

  This makes no sense to me. In the destination location/mapset _are_ the
projection name (in PERMANENT/PROJ_INFO). It must be something silly I've
missed, but I just cannot see it.

Any ideas? Thanks,


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