[GRASSLIST:2216] Re: Projection questions

Michel Wurtz mw at teledetection.fr
Mon Jul 30 04:20:36 EDT 2001

Glynn Clements wrote:
> Rich Shepard wrote:
> >   I know that '99' is used for both 'user specified' and 'spc', but I cannot
> > find a list of codes for other projections.
> The following is from gis.h:
> #define PROJECTION_XY  0
> #define PROJECTION_UTM 1
> #define PROJECTION_SP  2
> #define PROJECTION_LL  3
> #define PROJECTION_OTHER  99

Well, this show how old (and linked to its initial use) is this part
of Grass Code.  I think this is an area where all major commercial GIS
are now much more better (proj. info for each layer and proj. conversion
"on the fly", large choice for projection, including user defined, etc).
Maybe another part of Grass to rethink ?

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