[GRASSLIST:2224] further problems with grasslinks

jun liu jliu_01 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 31 10:13:37 EDT 2001

Dear Glynn:

Thank you very much for the help.but there are still
some questions I want to ask.

Before I copy the ppm from driver.uninst to driver.sh,
I can not select ppm from grass terminal,as I said
before. but ppm can be selected from Grass GUI menu,
and then p.map.new can be run successfully to create a
map  from some scripts in the monitor. Here I can not
see any difference between selecting ppm and selecting
preview.  Could you tell me what  the reason is?

and then I copy the ppm to driver.sh, this time ppm
can be selected  from both terminal and GUI, but
running p.map.new will give errors like "ERROR: ppm
driver:HRES not set.  ERROR: can't read from ppm
driver". what needs to do with that?

The last question is about $ENV{MAPLP}, I try to use
"p.map.new scripts > $ENV{MAPLP} 2>/dev/null" to
define it, will this work? if not could you give me
some  suggestions?

Thanks a lot.


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