[GRASSLIST:2225] An informal survey

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Jul 31 11:36:26 EDT 2001

  Several of us have been wondering who is out on the lawn, grazing on the
GRASS. So, I decided to initiate this informal survey of GRASS users and
potential users who lurk on the mail list. To avoid flooding the list with
the hundreds of thousands of responses we expect, please reply directly to
me and I'll summarize the results and post them here for everyone's awe and

  These questions and categories are all my own. Feel free to add or modify
so we have a comprehensive picture of the GRASS community.

  Here we go:

1.) In what setting do you work and use GRASS?

	a) Academia
	b) Government (what level)
	c) Business/Commerce
		Real Estate
		Medical/health care
	d) Industry
	e) Consultant (what type; to whom)
	f) Other (please explain)

2.) What is your primary use of GRASS?

	a) Resource allocation
	b) Other planning activities
	c) Research
		Basic (in what subjects)
		Applied (in what subjects)
	d) Natural resource management
	e) Pollution evaluation/remediation
	f) Environmental issues
	g) Permitting
	h) Reclamation
	i) Wildlife studies
	j) Fisheries management
	k) Wetlands
	l) Hydrology
	m) Slope stability
	n) Other (please explain)

3.) How many people in your organization use GRASS?

4.) How many potential GRASS users are in your organization?

5.) What type of data do you use most often?

	a) Raster (remotely-sensed imagery)
		Aerial photography
		Other (please explain)
	b) Vector
	c) Point

6.) What are the sources of your data?

	a) Digitized locally
	b) Government agencies
	c) Other private sector companies
	d) Other (please explain)

7.) Do you import data from other GIS formats?

	a) If yes, respond to all applicable formats
		ARC/Info .e00
		ARC/Info ungen
		ArcView shapefiles
		MapInfo .mif/.mid
		Others (please explain)
	b) What proportion of your necessary data are translated from other

8.) What are your major uses of GRASS?

	a) Spatial analyses
	b) Modeling (if so, explain)
	c) Business decision support
	d) Other (please explain)

9.) How do you present output?

	a) On computer monitor
	b) Printed/plotted on paper
	c) Web
	d) Other (please explain)

10.) What do you need from GRASS that it now lacks?

11.) On what hardware/OS platform do you run GRASS (answer for all that

	a) linux
	b) FreeBSD
	c) Solaris
	d) Sun O/S
	e) HP-UX
	f) Irix
	g) AIX
	h) Other UNIX variant
	i) Mac OS X
	j) Windows
	k) Other (please explain)

12.) In what country are you located and work with GRASS? (More than one
	answer is acceptable.)

13.) How long have you been using GRASS?

14.) What version(s) do you use?

15.) What is your level of GIS experience/expertise?

	a) Beginner
	b) Intermediate
	c) Expert

16.) Comments on topics I didn't cover:

  Thanks for participating. I think this will be fun and informative if
folks respond.


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