[GRASSLIST:1799] GRASS 5 beta comiple error: gmake5.0

Thomas Adams Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
Tue May 1 14:08:03 EDT 2001


I'm compiling GRASS 5beta for the first time on Linux and I am
encountering the following during 'make':

gmake5.0 - UNUSED variable NULL or not set

The full output is attached. I've previously built GRASS5.0beta on HPUX,
but somehow gmake5.0 is not being found this time. I'm running RedHat
7.0. I downloaded from the GRASS CVS site and followed the instructions, doing:

./configure, followed by

which gave me the error. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? The Makefile
looked pretty reasonable.


Tom Adams                              adams at ohrfc.noaa.gov
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sh-2.04$ make
make[1]: Entering directory `/gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11'
test -d /gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11/dist.i686-pc-linux-gnu || mkdir -p -m 755 /gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11/dist.i686-pc-linux-gnu
test -d /gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11/bin.i686-pc-linux-gnu || mkdir -p -m 755 /gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11/bin.i686-pc-linux-gnu
test -d src/CMD/next_step || mkdir -p -m 755 src/CMD/next_step
test ! -f src/CMD/head/head || mv src/CMD/head/head src/CMD/head/head.i686-pc-linux-gnu
GRASS_BIN=/gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11/bin.i686-pc-linux-gnu SRC=/gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11 MAKE=make NAME_VER=5 GISBASE=/gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11/dist.i686-pc-linux-gnu  MACHINENAME=`uname -n` /bin/sh src/CMD/generic/CREATE_GMAKE.sh i686-pc-linux-gnu /gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11/bin.i686-pc-linux-gnu
/bin/sh /gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11/src/CMD/generic/is64bit.sh i686-pc-linux-gnu
GRASSSRC=/gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11/src GMAKE=/gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11/src/CMD/gmake5.0 HEADER=head.i686-pc-linux-gnu MAKE=make /bin/sh src/CMD/generic/GISGEN.sh
gmake5.0 - UNUSED variable NULL or not set
gmake5.0 - UNUSED variable NULL or not set
make[1]: *** [do-compile] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/gis/grass5sources/grass5.0beta11'
make: *** [binaries] Error 2

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