[GRASSLIST:1818] ALPHA64 Vectors (DEC Unix)?

Lawrence Houston grass at boyd.geog.mcgill.ca
Mon May 7 13:38:25 EDT 2001


Having difficulty locating "current" information with respect to GRASS 4.3
& 5.0 Beta's support for Vector Files on the ALPHA 64-Bit Platform
(presently the "older" DEC Unix 4.0c).  Bill Hughes's Web Site mentioned
in the README.alpha64 no longer contains any relevant information!
Todate we have been using James Ganong's AXP 0.7 (4.1.5), but James's
references are also no longer "active"!

Under 4.1.5 (AXP 0.7) v.to.rast in some cases it fails to generate the
"correct" Raster Image, displaying several messages as follows:

     WARNING: Calling G_set_window() in the middle of writing map

Under 5.0 Beta 11 v.to.rast will NOT even start, instead it displaying the
following message:

     Loading vector information ...Warning: Long   is size 8
     Data file has been modified.  You MUST first run 'v.support'

Which running v.support does NOT correct!


I have seen mention of GRASS5 supporting Alpha/Linux, would upgrading to a
Alpha/Linux Distribution such as Red Hat 6.2 (or even Compaq's Tru64 UNIX)
provide a better platform for GRASS???

Lawrence Houston  -  (grass at boyd.geog.mcgill.ca)

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