[GRASSLIST:1838] Re: Linux Survey Software

Phrostie pfrostie at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 19:12:29 EDT 2001

I was sent this request (for a linux solution) and i was wondering if anyone
can tell me if Grass can fill the bill.  If not, can anyone make a


On Sun, 13 May 2001, you wrote:
> Keith,
> I`m looking for a package that will allow the following:
> 1. Download raw data from Electronic Distance Meters [EDM`s] eg Topcon 212
> www.topcon.com
> 2. Process the 3d raw data [Easting, Northing, Level] XYZ coordinates to
> produce a map in its simplest terms, with contours.
> 3. To allow any final editing for cosmetics eg. Title/Border information.
> 4. Other processes, like traverse adjustment, via Least Squares adjustment
> or Bowditch method would be useful.
> There are many Windows applications like:
> AutoDesk Land Development Desktop £4200
> Land Survey Systems [LSS V8] £1000 Annual Lic.
> Starnes £1500
> 12D from 4d £2500
> As you can see there not cheap!
> If you come across anything, then please let me know.
> Jason
> BTW Do you use StarOffice 5.2? ...do you know anything of Version6?, is it
> still under dev? or has it gone to Beta yet?
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