[GRASSLIST:1843] RE: GRASS 5 display questions

Dieter Lehmann lehmann at fh-nuertingen.de
Tue May 15 08:58:06 EDT 2001

only an idea...

I'm working a lot with ArcView, there are sometimes strange problems when the
nodes are not snapped, seems, you should check that (eventually in MapInfo).
Even duplicated lines result in pretty obscure behavior.

Try v.digit on your data, that might help.
I don't think, thats only a display problem.

Hope it helps.

On 14-May-01 Rich Shepard wrote:
>   I have a vector layer that is imperfectly imported from MapInfo
> (v.in.mif). When I try to interactively zoom in (d.zoom), I get an error box
> at the bottom telling me that the north value must be greater than the south
> value. (Sarcastic comment not provided; the computer wouldn't understand it
> anyway.) But, if I select a larger area, it works.
>   Also, if I select a medium-size area, I don't see what I outlined, but an
> open multiple-line figure. I've no idea from where this comes.
>   Any ideas what might be going on here?
> Rich
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