[GRASSLIST:1842] Grass5 Startup

Kirk Schmidt kirkschmidt at auracom.com
Tue May 15 09:38:04 EDT 2001

I have run into a slight glitch with tcltkgrass.  I am using Grass5 and
I was attempting to have d.mon startup as a preference when tcltkgrass
is started.
Unfortunately, I did this two or three weeks ago and therefore I cannot
recall the exact steps I followed.

Now when I activate tcltkgrass, I get an automatic d.mon upon startup
and a display window (x0), however, the Main menu is missing.

There is a d.mon error due to the number of colors available but this
has not been a problem in the past.  Is there a way to reset the
defaults so that the menu starts up again?  I assume a variable is
stored in a file somewhere (maybe xdriver?).

I am running on Redhat Linux and need to spend more time getting
reacquainted with it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kirk Schmidt

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