[GRASSLIST:1847] Re: Grass5 Startup

Karin ZUERCHER karine.zuercher at terre.unige.ch
Wed May 16 06:38:33 EDT 2001

Hy Kirk,

On Tuesday 15 May 2001 15:38, you wrote:
> I have run into a slight glitch with tcltkgrass.  I am using Grass5 and
> I was attempting to have d.mon startup as a preference when tcltkgrass
> is started.
> Unfortunately, I did this two or three weeks ago and therefore I cannot
> recall the exact steps I followed.
If you started a monitor and then exit TcltkGrass with the 'Save Settings' 
on, the monitor(s) open at the time you exited saving, will open 
automatically again.

> Now when I activate tcltkgrass, I get an automatic d.mon upon startup
> and a display window (x0), however, the Main menu is missing.
> There is a d.mon error due to the number of colors available but this
> has not been a problem in the past.  Is there a way to reset the
> defaults so that the menu starts up again?  I assume a variable is
> stored in a file somewhere (maybe xdriver?).
The d.mon error is actually what impeeds you to get the menu started.

 Here for the reset to the defaults in order to get tcltkgrass menu started 
To stop TcltkGrass from automatically loading the monitors, without managing 
to start Tcltkgrass, you should change TcltkGrass's configuration file: 
- To reset ALL tcltkgrass settings, simply delete the configuration file
   .tcltkgrass  (note the "." before 'tcltkgrass').
- To stop automatically loading a given monitor, take the configuration file
   .tcltkgrass , and:
1) replace the monitor(s) state from normal or whatever to an empty string
    ({}). Example on x0:
xdriver(x0,window_state) normal                                               
xdriver(x0,window_state) {}                                                   

2) delete the line selecting a monitor. Example on x0:
xdriver(selected) x0 

I'm not yet a linux nor grass guru, but for the colors problem, maybe some 
ideas to follow:
-starting Xwindow with enough color depths (something like: "startx -bpp 24" 
to get 24bit color depth (True Color, like Xdriver)
-if you have old grafic card (video RAM<4Mb), you might be limited in the 
number of colors available for a given resolution. (e.g. not able to start X 
with 24bit colors and 1024x786 resolution). reduce the resolution and beware 
starting applications using a lot of colors (e.g. netscape) before the Xdriver
-starting the Xdriver with nlev option (Number  of  color  levels  for each 
R/G/B (by default: nlev=32: 32768 colors)) Example: d.mon start=x0 nlev=24
(cf.:  d.mon   manual page)

> I am running on Redhat Linux and need to spend more time getting
> reacquainted with it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Kirk Schmidt

Hope this will help
In Kindness

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