[GRASSLIST:1892] RE:Defining a local region

Martin Wass capron23 at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 04:08:46 EDT 2001

>Hello friends!
>I am trying to define a region for . Our system is:
>Gauss Projection
>Internacional Elipsoide
>Datum Lx
>Military coordinates starting at 0,0 and increasing for North and >East

>If you can tell who to do it i would be very pleased.
>Apparently i do not have a default region defined altough a >default_wind 
>is placed at my /permanent

If you make an region with proj=tmerc elipsoid=internacional
and the correct parameters of this
Enter Central Parallel (23N):
Enter Central Meridian (96W):
Enter Scale Factor at the Central Meridian  [1.0000000000]:
Enter False Easting  [0.0000000000]:

Sorry can't help you with the parameters I belive 0N for the first one.

If you don not use r.distans or r.buffer or intresting in
being able to calculate a new projetion.
I belive an simpel XY system is totaly okey.
Please anyone correct me if I am wrong !
or know more resons for seting up an projection.

I Datum Lx is for calculate things on the Geoid and maps calculats
distans on the ellipsoid so it is not rely use full.

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