[GRASSLIST:2607] re:g.select.pg

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Thu Oct 25 19:53:45 EDT 2001

Sjors wrote:

> Well the problem is as follows. When selecting g.select.pg (I"ve wrote 
> it down wrong the first time) within GUI, I can fill in servername and 
> database. Then I get the following statement:
> Couldn't execute g.select.pg no such directory or program.
> This happened with compiling and the install of the new binaries.

Note that, until a few days ago, the Postgres programs weren't built
automatically. You had to execute additional commands, which were
displayed at the end of the "make" process.

> With ./configure --with-postgresql-includes=/usr/include/pgsql is 
> doesn't seem to find the header file.

The option is called "--with-postgres-includes", not
"--with-postgresql-includes" (no "ql").

> Does compile won't install.

Details? AFAIK, "make install" cannot fail. If it doesn't install
certain files, it is because they weren't built.

> I've 
> got the binaries now. Everything seems to be oke (RedHat7.2). 
> Well I've found the answer. The command is located in 
> /usr/local/grass5/etc/bin/cmd. This doesn't seem to be in the path.

It isn't meant to be. Nearly all of the "visible" commands (the ones
in $GISBASE/bin) are hard links to $GISBASE/etc/front.end. This
program invokes the corresponding program from $GISBASE/etc/bin/cmd or
$GISBASE/etc/bin/inter, depending upon whether any arguments are given
and whether there is a specific interactive version of the command.

If you have $GISBASE/etc/bin/cmd/g.select.pg but don't have
$GISBASE/bin/g.select.pg, it is probable that you forgot to run
"gmakelinks5" following "gmake5 src.garden/grass.postgresql".

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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