[GRASSLIST:2609] data-recall facility in conjunction with GRASS

Sonntag, Alexander sonntag at psitrans.de
Tue Oct 30 06:01:25 EST 2001


For a data-recall facility in connection with GIS Software products I
have some questions concerning GRASS. Subject to this data-recall facility
is the
development of a software product that includes a GIS component.
Therefore I like to ask for basic but detailed information to the following
Sorry for the quantity of questions. Feel free to answer the questions
of your choice. Thanks in advance to everybody helping in any way.

Alexander Sonntag

List of Questions

 1. Is GRASS an executable stand-alone or merely usable as a component
within a further application?

 2. Where are the present key aspects of use of GRASS?

 3. On which platforms is GRASS executable?

 4. Is GRASS fully independent of third party tools and servers?
    If not, to what extend is it dependent?

 5. Which visible components (GUI-modules) does GRASS consist of?
    Which possibilities of arranging the GUI do developer have?

 6. Which restrictions are included in GRASS in case of using
    and selling it within proprietary software?

 7. Which program interfaces does GRASS offer (interfaces to databases
    or other dependant or usable application interfaces)?

 8. Does GRASS support a both-way flow of information between
    itself and external applications (is it possible for example to
    control methods and functions of an outlying application)?

 9. Which features to control the map clipping area does GRASS offer
(zooming, panning,etc.)?

10. Does GRASS master several scales with several details depending
    on the current scale?

11. To what extend is it possible to integrate one's own objects into
    the map area of GRASS(objects like routes, locations, polygon lines,
    and so on...)?

12. Does GRASS handle Drag & Drop features between external
    applications and itself?

13. Which kinds of maps and data formats is GRASS able to process?

14. Does GRASS manage optimization algorithms like the calculation of best
and fastest routes?

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