[GRASSLIST:4225] GRASS5pre3 hangs up

Thomas Dewez thomas.dewez at brunel.ac.uk
Tue Aug 6 10:55:27 EDT 2002

Dear all,

I am running into problems that I can't grasp at all. You may have seen
previous e-mails concerning my attempts to compile GRASS5pre5 on the latest
cygwin. It's not going smoothly!!! must give up!

I am trying to revert back the binaries of GRASS5pre3 for cygwin which used
to work. Now GRASSpre3 doesn't work anymore and I am not sure how to tackle
this issue.

I grabbed the cygwin binaries from the web and downloaded the install

$ sh grass5_i686-pc-cygwin_install.sh

and was hoping to restore a version of GRASS that would run on my system,
but it doesn't!
To launch it I typed
$ grass5

The interface responds: Starting GRASS ... and nothing else happens. Is
there something I should delete from somewhere to restore a working version
of GRASS? I tried removing .gislock5 that was still lurking around in my
home directory and... nothing happened.

Any help appreciated


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