[GRASSLIST:4256] Re: Segmentation fault while using v.proj, r.proj

Leonard Coop coopl at ucs.orst.edu
Thu Aug 8 16:23:54 EDT 2002

I asked the same thing Feb 2002, Gordon Keith gave the correct reply,
that not enough swap is the problem [GRASSLIST:3214]. He also
showed how to make a bigger swap (2 GB):

dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swapfile bs=1024 count=2048000
mkswap /var/swapfile
swapon /var/swapfile

repeat for /var/swapfile2

Len Coop
Corvallis OR USA

On Thu, 8 Aug 2002, Xueming Wu wrote:

> Greetings,
> I tried to use v.proj and r.proj to convert projection for
> some data. But It reported "Segmentation fault". Do anybody
> know what problem is? My Grass is Grass 5.0.0pre4 on RedHat7.3.
> I have installed PROJ4.40. And I have also tried PROJ4.3.3 and
> PROJ4.4.5. The same error message was prompted.
> Thank you for your help. I appreciate.
> Xueming

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