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Josep Caimel josep at giscampus.udg.es
Fri Aug 9 06:48:25 EDT 2002

Hi Daniel,
I suppose that you are trying to classify a Satelite images! So is why
i.class works in 8bits (0-255 ND).
Most of the satelital images are stored in 8bits, there are just a few new
satelites that can get data in 10bits. You shoulden't need more for remote
sensing analysis ... ;-)
About why de DONE button is out of available screen area, I haven't any


Josep Caimel
SIGTE (University of Girona)

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Subject: [GRASSLIST:4251] i.class

Hi all grass users,
I just got stuck trying to do some image
classifications. Some questions:
Is there any reason why i.class only works for values
from 0 to 255?
What would be the most correct way to reclassify my
image values? mapcalc?
Some times, if my display monitor is not at the right
size, the menu bar at the botton of if will not
display complete so I'm unable to click on the done
button. Is that a general thing or just my computer
has this bug?



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