[GRASSLIST:4271] Re: Monitor display problem on RH7.3 and Grass4.3

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Fri Aug 9 17:06:00 EDT 2002

Roy Sanderson wrote:

> I'm hitting a problem with Grass4.3 on RH7.3, where the maps displayed in
> the d.mon screens fail to refresh if partly obscured by another window.
> Strangely this is not a problem if I remotely run X via Vista Exceed on my
> PC, so the problem may be something to do with the way I've configured X on
> the linux console itself.

I suspect that this is related to backing store.

AFAIK, GRASS4.3 creates its own pixmap buffer if the server indicates
that it doesn't provide backing store, but relies upon the server's
backing store when it is available. However, backing store isn't
reliable; the server is free to discard any particular piece of
backing store if it wants to use the memory for something else.

You could try starting the X server with the "-bs" switch (how you do
this depends upon how you're starting the X server, e.g. with xdm,
gdm, kdm, startx, xinit). There doesn't appear to be an equivalent
XF86Config option.

Note that GRASS5 always creates its own pixmap buffer, so the problem
shouldn't occur there.

Also you can often reconstruct the monitor contents by running the
script which d.save generates, e.g. "d.save -a | sh".

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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