[GRASSLIST:4282] more gdal help!

Kevin Slover Kevin.Slover at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 13 09:50:15 EDT 2002

Thanks to everyone with the previous response for creating a composite
image.  i.composite worked the best, however is still not completely
working for me.  I would say there was a problem with the file, but we
are able to process it with another program, just takes hours to

The problem that I am having is that there doesn't seem to be much color
variation.  How do I explain this.  Example, the United States
background color is a bright yellow.  It should be a softer yellow, with
different shades.  Not happening.  I have tried a variety of color
levels, from 2 (min) to 6/7 (for 256 colors) and all the way to 500.
None have worked.  Am I doing something wrong?  One question, how do you
know which file is red/green/blue?  It has come as an erdas .img file.
I am assuming that xrast.1 is red, xrast.2 is green, xrast.3 is blue.

Thanks in advance for any hints.  I am sure it is user error...but for
the life of me, cannot get it to work..

LTJG Kevin Slover, NOAA
GIS Specialist/Oceanographer
NOAA/TPC/TSB/Storm Surge Unit
11691 SW 17th Street
Miami FL  33165

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