[GRASSLIST:4285] Search Radius and decimal accuracy when using v.what

Andrew Wade 13098322 at sun.ac.za
Tue Aug 13 17:27:50 EDT 2002

Hi all
While using v.what I've noticed that the command looks within a certain
radius from the point where the mouse is clicked (or the co-ordinate is
given) for a vector, but this radius changes sometimes for some or other
reason.  Is there any way that I can set this "checking radius" in
grass?  I would like to change it (real-time) depending on the current
accuracy of my GPS, to ensure that the result is as accurate as
And another thing - the co-ordinate result from v.what is only correct
to 2 decimal places (i.e. "dd.dd").  Where can I set this to be more
accurate (I need about 4 decimal places)?
Andrew Wade
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