[GRASSLIST:4293] Grass5.0.0pre5 : bugs or new features ?

Soil & Water Lab. swlab at cornell.edu
Thu Aug 15 21:18:53 EDT 2002

I eventually managed to compile Grass5.0.0pre5 on a SuSE7.1.
Everything's fine so far, but I'm a bit surprised with some results:

* What happened to the inner variable $LOCATION ? It doesn't seem to be 
defined any longer.
* "r.mapcalc" used to send the range of the map to stdout, and some messages 
to stderr. That was pretty nice to have a first check of some calculations, 
especially in scripts. Now, I only see the title of the map being created to 
stderr, and nothing in stdout...

Are these bugs, or new features ? In other terms, do I have to change all the 
scripts I have developped :-( , or should I just wait till the next release 
:-| ?
Soil and Water Laboratory
Biological and Environmental Engineering Department
Cornell University
Riley-Robb Hall
ITHACA, NY 14853 - USA

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