[GRASSLIST:4310] Re: GIS visitor requests directions

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Sun Aug 18 15:13:35 EDT 2002

Stephan Holl wrote:

> > I want to turn all my lat/long raster data into
> > re-projected raster data, and re-project all vector/point files
> > into new files that Adobe PhotoShop can read.
> > Then PhotoShop loads the lot and all the layers should sit on
> > top of each other perfectly, since they're all projected the
> > same.
> as far as I understand, you need a raster-format like PNG which
> supposingly PhotoShop can read.
> have a look here
> http://grass.itc.it/gdp/html_grass5/html/pngdriver.html
> just define a region using g.region, plot your raster-, vector-,
> site-maps with d.[rast,vect,sites] and save them using the PNG-driver.

The PNG driver probably isn't the right approach here.

Raster maps can just be exported to an image format using the r.out.*
programs. Vector and site maps can be converted to rasters with
v.to.rast and s.to.rast respectively.

However, rasterising vector/site maps isn't the best approach if
you're going to print the result, as it isn't usually practical to
work with rasters at a resolution which is typical for printing.

It might be better to generate PostScript output instead, using

OTOH, if you aren't performing any analysis on the data, you might be
better off with GMT, which is a dedicated map-generation package.

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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