[GRASSLIST:4401] Re: Linking shape file dbfs to gis

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Thu Aug 29 04:48:26 EDT 2002

On Wednesday 28 August 2002 07:27 pm, John Dougherty wrote:
> I have pulled in a USGS shape file that plots the 24K quadrangles in the US
> and Hawaii.  Since it is a shape file, data about the maps is in a dbf
> file, which after being renamed to eliminate numbers in the name imported
> fine with pg.in.dbf.  I have run v.support but must have missed something
> in the process since there does not seem to be any formal linkage between
> the vector map and the datafile.  Should -can- the file in postgres be read
> as a site file?  Each record has an associated lat-long.

Imported by v.in.shape? Then you must specify some column in dbf to be used 
as such linkage by option "attribute=" during import.

If you have ODBC (+db.* modules) installed:
1. Once imported with category (attribute,id) you can query attributes:
   d.what.vect table= key=
2. If your table contains x,y columns, you can display such points in monitor 
   d.db table= x= y=
   and query
   d.what.db table= key= x= y=


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