[GRASSLIST:4397] European dems and r.in.hdf

Richard Christofferson richc at eng.utah.edu
Wed Aug 28 15:17:11 EDT 2002

I've been trying, unsuccsessfully, to aquire dems for
areas outside the united states. On discovering the
data available from eos in hdf format, I've been
trying to get some working dems from the hdf files
downloaded from there.
I compiled the src.garden/grass.hdf source
to get a working r.in.hd, which succeeds in
running, but just returns a white screen
on the monitor.
I noticed that the regions for these rasters
seem way off, such as 2503N  and 105E respectively
for north and east in the region.

Has anybody had any success running the module
r.in.hdf, or has it been deprecated due to
easier avenues of access to european dems?

Thanks for all your help


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