[GRASSLIST:5138] Re: Significance of the "WIND" file in a location

John Dougherty jwd at softcom.net
Tue Dec 3 04:02:47 EST 2002

On Monday 02 December 2002 07:08, Glynn Clements wrote:
. . .
> The "WIND" file holds the current region. Hopefully the documentation
> will describe the concept, as it is central to many operations. It may
> not mention the WIND file directly as that is part of GRASS'
> internals, and shouldn't be relevant to the user.
> Briefly: you can view the current region settings with "g.region -p",
> and change them with other options to g.region, or with d.zoom. GRASS
> commands which operate upon a specific region normally operate upon
> the current region, rather than on the region covered by any
> particular map; e.g. commands which operate upon raster maps usually
> resample the maps according to the current region settings.


Thanks for the information.  This is kind of involved.  I have been - very 
slowly - learning about GRASS.  I have a location which was giving me 
problems displaying a vector map (grid of USGS quadrangles covering 
California).  I added another vector mapset that was supposed to display soil 
polygons for the state.  Neither of these two displayed properly.  Since 
experimentation is learning, I added yet another mapset that duplicated the 
first, but I imported the data from an e00 file instead of the sdts version.  
I was surprised to find that on starting GRASS, if I set the mapset to the 
last added, I could display the earlier two without problems.  Copying the 
newest WIND file to the other mapsets corrected the display if I used them.  
Anyway, the short of it was that neither g.projinfo nor g.regions seemed to 
fix the problem.  WIND however overrode problem values.  I am reasonably sure 
that this has to do with how poorly I understand setting up locations, but I 
did think more information about WIND could be relevant as well.

Again, thanks

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