[GRASSLIST:5147] Re: nviz and topographic map

Johannes Bühler johannesbuehler at oderbruecke.de
Wed Dec 4 06:53:36 EST 2002

Summerizing this discussion, it was important in my environment to use only
raster maps with the same resolution and to set the polygon resolution to
the resolution of the rasterfiles as well as the resolution set in the
region. in my case(rasterfile: res=1.7=> NVIZ Polygon Resolution = 2!,
region=1.7). Than I got very good and also fast rendering 3D maps. (with
1 GB Memory and Athlon XP 2000+). If you use 1 instead of 2 for the
polygon resolution, the drawing is very slow and the image is
full of black elements.

Greetings and thanks for your help


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