Maria Jose Abasolo mjabasolo at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Dec 9 04:56:32 EST 2002

Thank you Michael, now my question reduces to:

- can I add 3D object like a sphere? or can I 
import VRML or OpenGL files? 
I know there is a  3D vector format, what can
I define with it?

Many thanks

Maria Jose Abasolo

 --- Michael Ash <mash at econs.umass.edu> escribió: > > 
I'm a new user of GRASS. I need someone to ask me
> >  the following:
> >  
> >  - is possible or usefull to use GRASS to store
> and
> >  manipulate images. What is the advantatge od
> using
> > GRASS instead just PostgreSQL? or PostGIS?
> >  
> >  - can I have several levels of an image, i.e. one
> >  level with the original image, the other level
> >  with  color segmentation of the original image.
> The answer to both these questions is that GRASS
> will meet your needs well.  I use GRASS for other
> purposes (mostly spatial averaging and other spatial
> statistics.  So I can't tell you how, 
> BUT I strongly recommend the book by M. Neteler and
> H. Mitasova http://mpa.itc.it/grassbook/ which has a
> chapter dedicated to image processing.
> Best regards,
> Michael Ash
> >  - how can I add 3D scenes? does GRASS accept
> >  OpenGL or OpenInventor format?
> I don't know. 

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