[GRASSLIST:5200] Re: 3D

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Tue Dec 10 04:43:49 EST 2002

On Monday 09 December 2002 10:56 am, Maria Jose Abasolo wrote:
> Thank you Michael, now my question reduces to:
> - can I add 3D object like a sphere? or can I
> import VRML or OpenGL files?
> I know there is a  3D vector format, what can
> I define with it?

3D vectors are introduced in Grass51. Currently only non vertical
polygons (like TIN) may be generated from usual grass boundaries
(area edges). My plan is to add 2 new vector types:
- face (closed polygon, faces form polyhedra (volume))
- core (identifier for volume formed by faces, 3D equivalent for centroid)

In near future, I don't plan full support for this features,
because it is a bit difficult to build polyhedron from faces,
but it will be possible to import and display in nviz.
This is important if vertical polygon (like wall) is required.

Other primitives like cube or sphere are not planned because such
types are not general enough (as we don't have rectangles and circles
in 2D).

Does anybody have experience with 3D vector volumes (polyhedrons)?


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