[GRASSLIST:5244] Grass 5.0: Errors displaying output files

David Sampson drsampso at mail.lakeheadu.ca
Thu Dec 26 00:11:58 EST 2002

Hey yall... I'm trying to filter out some bumps in my setup of Grass

System setup:
win xp with Cygwin and Xfree
250 Ram (plenty fast for my applic)

Grass Setup
XGrass5.0, tcltkgrass tools, sunprc tools

Data set:
Leics using online tutorial

GRASS~:r.average base=landcov cover=topo output=avheight

r.stats 100%
percent complete: 100%

GRASS~:d.rast avheight
WARNING: Fail of initial read of compressed file (avheight in user1)
WARNING: unable to open raster map (avheight in user1)
ERROR Not able to open cell file for (Avheight)

File details:
cats:            -rw-r--r--         43       avheight
cell:             -rw-r--r--         0         avheight
cell_misc:    drwxr-xr-x+    0         avheight
cellhd:         -rw-r--r--        207       avheight
fcell:           -rw-r--r--        27087    avheight
hist:           -rw-r--r--        314        avheight

any help to rectify this situation would be great...

I also get the same trouoble with outputs using other programs like


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