[GRASSLIST:5251] Re: install-grass51 No rule to make target `bitmap.c' - solved

Nico Hardebol harj at geo.vu.nl
Mon Dec 30 08:40:07 EST 2002

Dear all,

in reaction on the comments by: Glynn Clements; Piero Cavalieri; Markus 
Neteler on the problem of getting an error due to No rule to make target 

Actually the first comments of Glynn Clements of [Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 
21:27:46 +0000] was right, he wrote:

"2. The argument to --with-grass50= should be an *absolute* path, not a
relative path; it has to be valid from any directory, not just the
top-level directory."

and indeed this stupid guy had descibed the path relatively, although checked 
several times - changing it into an abolute one solves the problem.

thank you all

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