[GRASSLIST:2844] Need instuctions?

Kidd, James P. james.kidd at Covance.Com
Thu Jan 3 08:28:23 EST 2002


I have been a reader of the grass list for a few weeks.  I need some
instructions on how to read in some dem files that I converted from sdts
format.  I am trying to build a county database using a number of different
file formats, but have run into some difficulty with the dems.

I guess my first question is:  Is this the right list to submit help

I normally use ArcView 8.1 on the NT side of life and find that while I can
read in the dems into it, I can not merge them.  I don't have access to
ArcInfo so I am looking to GRASS for the solution.

Does anyone know how to do this?  I kinda need step by step instructions
since the help files seem to say it can be done, but don't really spell out
how to do it.

Could someone point me in the right direction on this?

Thanks in advance.

James Kidd
SAS Liaison Programmer
Covance Central Laboratory Services
8211 SciCor Dr
Indianapolis, Indiana 46214
james.kidd at covance.com  

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