[GRASSLIST:2859] GRASS File structure for projects

Keene Haywood keene at texas.net
Sat Jan 5 12:57:24 EST 2002

Hello GRASS users.  I am new to GRASS and am using it on a PowerMac with
OS X.  I've made a little headway in understanding how GRASS works
through the tutorial that is posted for v.4.0.  However, I am still in
the dark about exactly how file need to be organized in GRASS to be used
with a project.  Also, exactly how does GRASS output files as well.  What
sort of directory structure needs to be in place?  I tried setting up a
directory the same as the tutorial one, but I could not get GRASS to
recognize the files.

In particular, I would like to import a DRG tiff file, but can't seem to
get GRASS to do this. It goes through the motions of importing, but the
map does not show up in the monitor. 

I seem to remember a similar question about project and directory
organization in GRASS that was posted to this list not long ago.  Any
help with this would be appreciated.

Thanks very much,

Keene Haywood
Dept. of Geography
Univ. of Texas at Austin

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