[GRASSLIST:2867] Re: r.in.hdf with ASTER imagery

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Sun Jan 6 06:27:17 EST 2002

On Sun, Jan 06, 2002 at 01:12:22PM +0200, Henk Coetzee wrote:
> Hi
> I have just tried to read an ASTER image into grass5, and discovered 
> that r.in.hdf is not implemented in grass5. Do I need to install grass4 
> as well to do this. Also, will r.in.hdf be able to read the 16-bit 
> thermal bands from the hdf file.
> Cheers
> Henk Coetzee

Hi Henk,

sorry, to say, but I am rather sure that r.in.hdf doesn't read ASTER.
ASTER is in HDF-EOS while r.in.hdf is supporting HDF3.2.
Unless GDAL get's extended or r.in.hdf updated to the current HDF/HDF-EOS
library there is no way (please tell me if I am wrong).

But two converters are available: HDFLook
 and HDF2bin

Both programs allow to convert a HDF-EOS dataset such as ASTER/TERRA to a
plain binary format which can be imported with r.in.bin.

I had success like that (GRASS 5).

Best regards

 Markus Neteler

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