[GRASSLIST:2906] help regarding GRASS and grasslinks

Anand Mohan anand at arkinsys.com
Wed Jan 16 01:14:10 EST 2002

   i am working with grass5 and grasslinks3.1.i am getting the error 
in create_gif sub program.the code where i am getting error is 

&system_errors_logged("$PBM_PATH/ppmquant 256 < $ENV{MAPLP} 2> /dev/null 
 | $PBM_PATH/ppmtogif -interlace > $TMP/$value{GIF} 2> /dev/null");

error is  sh: /apache/htdocs/grasslinks/tmp/pmap.grasslinks1 is not a file or directory.

i observed that the grasslinks won't create any file called pmap.grasslinks1. 
i did't get any clue on this from the net.one more thing in installation 
guide also no clue about this one.can any body tell me the problem 
where i m doing mistake.please help me.waiting for reply

Thanks & Regards
G Anand Mohan
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