[GRASSLIST:2920] Announcement: GRASS GIS 5.0.0pre3 released

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Thu Jan 17 09:24:59 EST 2002

Dear GRASS community,

the GRASS Development Team announces the release of

       GRASS 5.0.0pre3

At time the source code is available, we'll produce
selected binaries the next days.

What's new in GRASS 5.0.0pre3: 

  o Improvements (excerpt only, for details see NEWS):
      - 36 GIS modules fixed or updated/added
      - improved configuration (autoconf) 
      - XDRIVER improved, PNG-driver with optional 24bit 
      - portability improved 
      - new generic Windows display driver 
  o improved module documentation (HTML and PDF) 

For more details have a look at:
Why still no stable version? 
 ... because is is not stable yet. We first want to sort out the remaining
 critical bugs which are listed at the GRASS bugtracker.

We hope you enjoy the ongoing development!

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