[GRASSLIST:2925] Re: Nviz panel size

Nick Cahill ndcahill at facstaff.wisc.edu
Thu Jan 17 11:55:57 EST 2002

Have you been able to get nviz to work under OS X? I have had no luck with
precompiled binaries; I'd be very interested in hearing how you got it to
function. Am hoping that pre3 will fix this.

Nick Cahill
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dept. of Art History

At 9:48 AM -0700 1/17/02, cmbarton wrote:
>This happens on a Mac installation too
>On Thursday, January 17, 2002, at 03:20 AM, Georges SCHWOB wrote:
>>  am on a linux Mandrake 8.1 PC and Grass 5.0 0pre2.
>> Nviz works fine but if I can resize the monitor, it's
>> impossible to resize the panel window.
>> So I have no access to the bottom of certain menu ( i.e the
>> surface panel).
>> Does anyone know the solution for this problem?
>> Many thanks in advance.
>Michael Barton, Professor & Curator
>Department of Anthropology
>Arizona State University
>Tempe, AZ  85287-2402

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