[GRASSLIST:2929] Problems with Grass on XFree/Cygwin und WindowsXP

Henning Lorenz hl at geofys.uu.se
Fri Jan 18 03:20:38 EST 2002


I installed Grass for the first time on a computer running under 
Windows. There are some problems I never encountered on Linux and 
Grass without XFree is fine.
On XFree it starts the first welcome screen. After pressing enter it 
terminates with an "cannot open xterm" error (grass shouldn't open a 
window before having specified the region?!) There was a similar 
thread with another Xserver in August 2001, but that solution doesn't 
work for me.
There are two other problems when starting up XFree. Xauthority is 
missing (the main problem?). How can I create a  Xauthority file 
working with Grass? And some files should be set to root as owner. 
How can I activate root in cygwin? It's not in the documentation.

Thanks for helping!


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