[GRASSLIST:2933] Re:d.mon problem (again ...)

michele.rocc@libero.it michele.rocc at libero.it
Fri Jan 18 04:28:59 EST 2002

if you start the monitor by command line maybe you need to select it 
after starting,

> Hi,
>I a newby under GRASS world.
>I install it under Linux (Mandrake 8.1) and I used the binary packages.
>Install was ok and I download some data from USGS to make some tests.
>The import was ok, but by the time I'd wanted to display, I start a
>minotor, wich appears
>and when I tried to display the datas, I got the messages : 
>-- No graphics monitor has been selected for output.
>Please run "d.mon" to select a graphics monitor.
>which normaly should be the screen actualy open.
>Any idear ?


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