[GRASSLIST:2978] Re: GRASS pre 3 on RedHat 7.2

Daniel Tourde ted at foi.se
Thu Jan 24 07:29:23 EST 2002

Hello Markus,

> please send them to me (attachment), I'll put them into the CVS.
> Thanks a lot,

I have a little problem, it is a simple one I presume and I think you
can help me to solve it.
I have built the RPMs for GRASS5pre3 but they are HUGE...
I compared with my RPMS fore GRASS5pre2 and I discovered that my
binaries in pre3 ar about 5 times as big as the ones in pre2... I
suppose, somewhere, somehow, there is still the -g option during
By default it was not there in pre2 and it is there now in pre3. What am
I suppposed to do to get rid of it in an elegant way? (I suppose a
parameter somewhere in ./configure or wit gmake5)

Thanks in advance for any help


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