[GRASSLIST:2989] RE: Vector manipulation

Erin ODoherty/RMRS/USDAFS eodoherty at fs.fed.us
Thu Jan 24 12:24:23 EST 2002

Maybe I'm missing something, but could you also use v.reclass to subset the
vectors and then assign each its own color when displaying?  This would
duplicate the vectors in the database, however.
Erin O'Doherty
Laramie, WY, USA
eodoherty at fs.fed.us

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> I've got some difficulties to find the operations that permits to
> display
> a vector with different colors for vectors that have a
> specific value on
> a field.

Don't look you wont find any.  You may be able to color the vectors by hand
if you export the vectors to XFig.  Otherwise you will need to wait for the
new vector model to be published in the future.

Alternatively you may convert the vector layer to a raster file using the
You can always use the field value as an attribute and then you may color
the rasterized lines.

> I also have some difficulties to find informations that permits me to
> build and
> print a map with scale, legend, graticules, etc.

For this no problem.  You can use the ps.map for this but read all the
documentation because you need to select the postscript driver first.
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