[GRASSLIST:2990] Map production under grass.

Antonio nightnavigator at libero.it
Thu Jan 24 13:33:04 EST 2002


I was reading some documentation on paper map production under grass and I figured out somethings I hope are right:

a) hte main map making tool under grass is ps.map. Howevere seems to be difficult to tune it according to your will. I'm not satisfied of it's output. Where can I get good docs on this packaeg? Is the man page the best of it?

b) I read in some grass tutorial that there is a package not included in grass called Mapgen. I found the site of this program and it seems that it's only available for Windows platform. Isn't there any linux (unix) version? Does it prodice better output than ps.map?

c) if I were to use windows version of Mapgen because there is no unix version, is there any specific way to import grass database information in the mapgen package?

d) besides the two programs I mentioned above, are there any other that are goodly interfaced with grass?

Thanks for eventual replies.
                 Antonio Gennarini
                Crecchio, CH - ITALY
Earth Science student at University "G. D'Annunzio".
     Join th GNU generation, start from LINUX.

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