[GRASSLIST:3005] Re: how to resize d.mon window?

Emile Snyder esnyder at whitesalmon.net
Sat Jan 26 05:27:38 EST 2002

On Sat, Jan 26, 2002 at 04:15:01AM +0000, Glynn Clements wrote:
> Eric G. Miller wrote:
> > window size during a redraw event.  Apparently, Blackbox interprets this
> > to mean it is a fixed size window.  It appears to be a specific issue
> > with blackbox.  Its too bad, 'cause I like blackbox..

I found a blackbox specific workaround; I specified a keyboard shortcut with
bbkeys to maximize a window using the following line in ~/.bbkeysrc

KeyToGrab(F1), WithModifier(Control), WithAction(MaximizeWindow)

For some reason, using this works on the window even though mouse resizing

> For the record, the specific problem is that the monitor window sets a
> minimum/maxmimum size via the WM_NORMAL_HINTS property, then later
> removes the limit. Certain WMs seem to "remember" the limit after it
> has been removed..
> In case anyone who experiences this problem wishes to report it to the
> developers of their WM, I would suggest sending them the output from
> "xprop", and pointing out that the window can't be resized when the
> WM_NORMAL_HINTS property seems to suggest otherwise..

Thanks for the tip.

> As for specifying the monitor size at startup, use the environment
> variables XDRIVER_WIDTH and XDRIVER_HEIGHT, e.g..

And for this one.


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