[GRASSLIST:3006] The MrSID viewer.

Ben Logan ben at wblogan.net
Sun Jan 27 18:40:28 EST 2002


A few months back I tried to download the MrSID viewer for Linux, but
the download form was broken.  I emailed the webmaster, and he kindly
emailed me the file.

Now I need to download the Win95 version, but the form is _still_
broken.  I emailed the webmaster again, but don't have much hope of
the problem being fixed.  He might email me the file again, but I'm
afraid it could be awhile if at all.

I would like to try running the Win95 version under Wine in Linux,
because the windoze version has the ability to save georeferenced
TIFF images of the whole DOQQ whereas the Linux version will only save
an (apparently un-georeferenced) TIFF of the current viewport.  If
that's not the case, I don't even need to try.  I'd also like to know
if anyone has tried MrSID on Wine.

If anyone has a copy of the installable MrSID Standalone Viewer for
windoze sitting around, and wouldn't mind sending it my way, please
send me a mail off-list and I'll give you the url to my anonymous FTP
space.  (Please don't attach it to an email...I have a 28K modem
connection, and prefer not to receive emails that large. :)

Hope this isn't too off topic.  I didn't consider it to be, as I'm
trying to get the MrSID DOQQs into a format I can import into GRASS.
I have another question about importing them, but I'll save it for a
separate email.


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