[GRASSLIST:3019] help with GRASS 5.0 installation on linux

Frank Tanser tanserf at mrc.ac.za
Tue Jan 29 02:16:45 EST 2002

Please can someone tell me how to install GRASS 5.0 on linux in simple
language for the totally un-linux inititated! I have downloaded the relevant

Many thanks

Dr Frank Tanser
Geographical Information Systems Unit
Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies
PO Box 198, Mtubatuba, 3935, South Africa
Tel     :  +27-35-5500158 (Reception)
          :  +27-35-5507555 (Direct Line)
Fax    : +27-35-5501674 (South Africa)
          : (1)209-2545431 (International USA fax)
e-mail  : tanserf at mrc.ac.za <mailto:tanserf at mrc.ac.za>
Website: http://www.africacentre.org.za/Core/GIS/gis.htm

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