[GRASSLIST:3028] Re: problem when compiling grass-jni under linux.

Dieter Kaltenbach dieter.kaltenbach at web.de
Tue Jan 29 16:24:39 EST 2002

you have to edit the GNUmakefile and adapt to your needs. The following sequence is where you can specifiy the lib-name. After compiling the project with the make-command this should be set correctly. I think it's only working
with the GRASS 4.3 sources.

# GRASS compilation name ('architecture' in terminology of GRASS
# installation documentation)
GRASS_ARCH = linux

# directory that contains a libgis.a for your grass compilation
# if previous variables were set this should be ok


Anand Mohan wrote:

> hi
>                    I am trying to install grass-jni in linux system.I did't get any binary file for linux.I downloaded the source file and trying to compile that one under linux.i am getting the            following error.
> make: **** No rule to make target usr/local/grass5/src/libes/LIB.linux', needed by 'libgis.so'. stop
> I think some people suceed in installing the grass-jni under linux.can i get any tips to over come this problem.
>   Thanks & Regards
>   Anand Mohan G

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