[GRASSLIST:3024] Re: help with GRASS 5.0 installation on linux

Ben Logan ben at wblogan.net
Tue Jan 29 07:36:25 EST 2002

(I'm CCing the list just in case I tell you something wrong...maybe
someone can straighten me out. :)

On Tue, Jan 29, 2002 at 01:36:07PM +0200, Frank Tanser wrote:
> I downloaded the grass5.0.0pre3_i686-pc-linux-gnu_bin.tar.gz and
> grass5_i686-pc-linux-gnu_install.sh files.

I think you should just be able to run (as root)


from the directory where you saved the files.

If it works like the pre2 installer, it will print a usage message.
You will probably only need to type

./grass5_i686-pc-linux-gnu_install.sh grass5.0.0pre3_i686-pc-linux-gnu_bin.tar.gz

I think that should do it.  Let me know if something goes wrong.


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